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Professional Portrait Photoshoot - How To

I want to share this amazing article that was originally posted on Digital Photo School (10 ways to direct a portrait shoot like a pro)

If you want to improove your studio portrait skills when it comes to interacting with you subject? Read this.

Instead of just giving you the link.  I want to summerise these techniques into a shorter point form.  Something that even I can glance over before meeting my client.  Something to quickly get my head in the right place before and during the photo-shoot.

  1. Look and Feel relaxed
  2. Be Interested rather than Interesting
  3. Be Yourself, don't say things like "Make love to my camera"
  4. Be Ready to shoot, Be on Time
  5. Know how to pose
    • Show them by doing the pose yourself
    • Explain the pose
    • Get them to do the pose before you start shooting
  6. Use Visual rather than Verbal Cues
    • do "look at that light" don't "turn your face to the left"
    • do "move your face to the window, keep your eyes on the camera" don't  "turn your face to the right and look at me"
  7. Praise and Encourage by giving Positive Reinforcement
  8. Choose poses that fit your Subject
  9. Get your Subject into a better Headspace
    • Favorite vacation spot?
    • Dream job?
    • Meeting one of their idols?
  10. Watch for the quiet moments between frames when the Subject relaxes their "pose face"

I'll try to share more articles like this if you want them.  Let me know in the comments.

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