Birds of Prey - Oakville Camera Club outing - Mountsberg Conservation Area

This weekend proved to be highly PHOTOGRAPHIC. Baby studio photo-shoot Saturday morning, a quick drive up to Rattlesnake Point to get the kids to fall a sleep where I photographed some Ontario Flowers, and then a maternity studio photo-shoot in the evening.  Next day we gathered up the family to hit Mountsberg Conservation Area for a great photo outing with the Oakville Camera Club.

Good friends good photos, what more can we ask for?

This was a great opportunity for 3 groups of 15 photographers to take turns and make some incredible Wild Life photos of our very own birds of the Mountsberg Raptor Center near Milton, Ontario.

It was a fairly cloudy day for the most part and I was really surprised that most people didn't bring their strobes to the party!?  I saw some of my friends with incredible images on the back of their cameras but only a handful of us brought an external flash to pop a little bit of highlight here and a tiny speck of catch-light there, and by 'there' I mean, in to the bird's eyes.

A dull soft light provided some great fill all over the animal.  Not a single feathery spot was hidden in the dark shadows outside of our sensor range.  But that's not enough for me.  I decided that I would add a bit of dimension, shape or maybe some outline to the animals.  It was a pretty tricky thing to get the flash to fire in the right direction. I placed it fairly high in most cases on a light-stand to mimic a hard sun light.  I shot in high speed sync to keep my shutter speed fast.  I also shot it without any modifiers.  I figured that it would be too much work to use them in a quick moving outing like this.

So now you know what I was aiming to do.  You tell me if I succeeded at least a little bit?  Me? I think the photos are pretty good, what do you think?


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